The moment's gone (a tribute to The Wedding Present)

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The Wedding Present - Cover versions

Cover versions

In the table below you can find all songs the Wedding Present have covered and released officially. They are listed in chronological order, the last song on the list was released in 1997.






Song Original artist Record
Felicity Orange Juice Tommy
Getting Nowhere Fast Girls At Our Best George Best CD
Getting Better The Beatles Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now?
I Found That Essence Rare Gang Of Four Janice Long Session
It's Not Unusual Tom Jones Kennedy 12"
Box Elder Pavement Brassneck 12"
Happy Birthday Altered Images The Peel Sessions
Come Up And See Me (Make Me Smile) Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel 3 Songs EP
Don't Dictate Penetration Airspace Compilation
She's My Best Friend Velvet Underground Dalliance 12"
Mothers Jean Paul Sartre Experience Lovenest 12"
Cumberland Gap Lonnie Donegan NME's Roaring 40 Compilation
Cattle And Cane The Go-Betweens Hit Parade 1
Don't Cry No Tears Neil Young Hit Parade 1
Think That It Might Altered Images Hit Parade 1
Falling Julee Cruise Hit Parade 1
Pleasant Valley Sunday The Monkeys Hit Parade 1
Let's Make Some Plans Close Lobsters Hit Parade 1
Rocket Mud Hit Parade 2
Theme from Shaft Isaac Hayes Hit Parade 2
Chant of the ever Circling Skeletal Family David Bowie Hit Parade 2
Go Wild In The Country Bow Wow Wow Hit Parade 2
UFO Theme Tune from TV Hit Parade 2
Step Into Christmas Elton John Hit Parade 2
Signal Pell Mell Volume 5 Compilation
Undercurrent Pacific Surfers Free flexi with Ablaze!
Him Or Me (What's It Gonna Be?) Paul Revere & The Raiders Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Jumper Clown The Creepers It's A Gas 12"
Red Shoes By The Drugstore Tom Waits Tribute To Tom Waits
Waiting On The Guns Butterglory Mini
Where Everybody Knows Your Name Theme From Cheers Montreal 7"
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