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The Wedding Present - Fans' reviews

Reviews from the fans, the Saturnalia tour

On this page you can find reviews of the Saturnalia tour (1996/1997) I've collected from mailing lists and stuff. But before all that, three reviews from 1996.






Date:Wed, 21 Feb 1996 14:33:48 +0000 (GMT)
From:"My heart says yeah...yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!"
Subject:TWP: Some rare delight in Manchester town...

Here we go again - it's lengthy, wibbling gig review time once more!!!
DATE: Tuesday 20th February
VENUE: Manchester Roadhouse - absolutely brilliant place (which, coming from someone who dislikes Mancfester is a fair compliment :-) ). Smallest place I've seen the band, despite it being my ninth time in four and a half years (tsk, johnny-come-lately or what!). Roof nearly low enough to touch - ace! Packed to the gills with 200-300 (?) hardcore devotees. Sweat dripping :-).
GIG: Unbe-flippin-lievable!!! Came a very, very close second to me fave at Leeds Poly (18/12/92, for the stattos). Two drummers - not Hugh/Huw (?) as usual but Chris (?) from the Pale Saints. Good but not good enough to distract the attention away from David's dubiuos-as-ever dancing and Jayne's damn cool rocking out. Erm, and Darren's shuffling of course :-). SET: and boy, what a set. Read it and drool!
My favourite dress (!!!!!!!!!)
Click click
Real thing
Bewitched (yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Snake eyes
It's a gas
Blue eyes
Flying saucer

What else can I say about a set like that - some rare delight in Manchester town indeed!!!
I'm sure I had a million and one other things to say but they're lost in the heavenly haze that still clouds my eyes and thoughts as I write this. And, no, I never did meet Stu - still, yer can't have it all!

yours, still disbelievingly, James x

Date sent: Mon Jul 29 21:18:41 1996
Subject: Louth
From: [email protected]

What a brilliant gig. Thanks for the review Andy.

I don't have much to add except the set list (in order, below). Plus a few general comments...

David said of Snake Eyes... "This song goes down well live, which means we won't release it as a single. That's how we do things in this band."

Simon Cleave was pretty bloody lively on stage. Great stuff.

I saw David change from his shorts into his jeans in the parking lot outside the tent because "I can't be bothered to go into the changing room."

A John Peel lookalike (surely not the real thing) who must have been aged nearly 60 was dancing like mad in the middle with his wife. Loads of other wrinklies there too. Perhaps the most mixed TWP audience ever.

Kids of about eight years old allowed in ...and having a great time as well. I met my dream woman. Are you on the list yet, Roxanne? ...oh, and it was great to meet Nick and Mike (and their gorgeous wives) who are both on this internet list. So, over to you for more comments on the brilliant Louth gig, boys...

Here's the set list:

Sucker Dare Skin Diving Blue Eyes Kansas It's A Gas Sports Car Snake Eyes Jet Girl Bewitched Real Thing Go Man Go Convertitle Montreal S.P.M.S. Brassneck Corduroy

Came on at 10.40. Went off at 11.40.

Fireworks and strangely dressed fire eaters outside the tent afterwards.

From: "Radford, Andy AJ" <[email protected]>
Subject: Louth Festival
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 96 02:15:00 PDT

Surprised that this is the first entry (so far) regarding the Louth Music Festival Gig.

As a first "in tent" concert experience, it was somewhat strange at first; however, seeing David at the merchandise stall, and having him go find some copies of "Orange Slices 2", then paying him personally for one made it a more usual twp experience! As a side note, I admire the way David continues to remain friendly with all, despite his being almost mobbed by some tattooed, lager-sodden locals who had to be told several times "which one is in the group?". Top marks there!

Audience was strange, the most non-typical I have ever seen at a twp gig. Lots were probably local people who were there out of curiosity, as I shouldn't imagine much happens in Louth, being in the middle of nowhere (YellowBelly country, as it is known here in East Yorkshire). Boy, were they in for a surprise!

The second support act (missed the first one), Laxton's Superb, obviously have a big record company behind them, witness the sparkly new and highly expensive equipment, which was all removed from stage before twp came on. They also had dry ice (like, wow man), their own range of T-shirts, and high-quality information request cards all over the place. All of this, however, including the Supergrass haicuts/clothes, could not disguise the Britpop-by-numbers substance of their act. Soon to be renamed Laxton's Mediocre?

On to the good stuff.

Of course, twp were as great as ever, and played a mixed set, with lots of the new album stuff ("Snake Eyes" is a stormer), plus some of the favourites ("Brassneck", "Bewtitched" plus others), and a fabulous "Corduroy" to finish. After ten years, they still blow me away live.

For you clothes fetishists, David wore a green shirt and black jeans. Also, Jayne had a "new" hairstyle, short and brown now; no wonder we didn't spot her prior to being on-stage!

For the first time in a number of years, I was stood right at the front, though not among the young lads who were going ape right in the middle of the stage (David's mike was actuallly directly behind one of the large poles supporting the marquee, a fact he commented on toward the end); this gave a great opportunity to see the tremendous ability of Simon on the drums - true talent. The latest guitarist, Simon Cleave, was also very good, despite the odd early start here and there. The same cannot be said for the sound engineer (in his Metallica t-shirt), David asking him to raise the vocal level on more than one occassion. The vocal also sounded strangely high-pitched, and the excess of feedback and distortion almost ruined the last half-dozen numbers (not that it could, but you know what I mean). Jayne's vocal was almost undiscernable at times. On a scale of noise, I still have ringing in my ears two days later (perhaps for life), so it wasn't all bad!

In short, you should have been there. As always, I now am ready for more, so come on guys, get touring asap! Roll on new single (David said they still don't know what it will be yet) and Saturnalia.

Andy Radford aka Old Faithful (An unused Louth ticket to the first person who recognises the significance!)

[email protected]

The complete list for the tour

Below is the complete list for the tour. I don't know if the venues and / or phone numbers still exist, they were probably copied from the news letter in 1996. On the left are the gigs with a short review.

15-08-96: Amsterdam Paradiso
16-08-96: Koln Luxor (Popkomm Festival)
19-08-96: Liverpool Virgin Record Shop (Lunchtime)
20-08-96: Nottingham Virgin Record Shop (Lunchtime)
21-08-96: Plymouth Virgin Record Shop (Lunchtime)
21-08-96: Bristol Louisiana (0117 926 5978)
24-08-96: Sheffield Leadmill (0114 275 4500)
25-08-96: The Reading Festival (Sunday afternoon)
05-09-96: Washington D.C. 930 Club (202 265 0930)
06-09-96: Philadelphia Trocadero (215 923 7625)
07-09-96: New York City Tramps (212 727 7788, Two concerts!)
11-09-96: Dublin Mean Fiddler (00 353 1475 1070)
12-09-96: London Finsbury Park Powerhaus (0171 561 9656)
13-09-96: London Virgin Record Shop (Lunchtime)
13-09-96: London Finsbury Park Powerhaus (0171 561 9656)
14-09-96: London Finsbury Park Powerhaus (0171 561 9656)
02-10-96: Carlisle Richmond (01228 512220)
03-10-96: Glasgow Garage (0141 226 4679)
04-10-96: Dundee Lucifer's Mill (01382 202490)
06-10-96: Newcastle Riverside (0191 261 4386)
07-10-96: Manchester Hop And Grape (0161 275 2930)
08-10-96: Leeds Metropolitan University (0113 243 0171)
09-10-96: Birmingham Foundry (0121 643 6843)
10-10-96: Oxford Zodiac (01865 726336)
12-10-96: Salisbury Arts Centre (01722 321744)
13-10-96: Nottingham Clinton Rooms (0115 941 7709)
17-10-96: Paris Arapaho
30-10-96: Cleveland Heights OH Grog Shop
31-10-96: Cincinnati OH Sudsy's (513/751-2300)
01-11-96: Pontiac MI Mill Street Entry (810/333-9580)
02-11-96: Chicago IL Metro (312/549-0203)
03-11-96: Madison WI The East End (608/249-3966)
04-11-96: Minneapolis MN First Avenue/7th Street Entry (612/338-8388)
07-11-96: Vancouver BC Town Pump (604/683-6695)
08-11-96: Seattle WA The Crocodile (206/448-2114)
09-11-96: Portland OR Berbati's Pan
11-11-96: San Francisco CA Slim's (415/255-0333)
13-11-96: Los Angeles CA Roxy Theatre (310/278-9457)
14-11-96: Long Beach CA Foothill Club (310/984-8349)
15-11-96: San Diego CA Brick By Brick (619/275-5483)
16-11-96: Tempe AZ Gibsons (602/829-9257)
18-11-96: Austin TX Electric Lounge
19-11-96: Dallas The Orbit Room (214/748-5399)
21-11-96: Atlanta GA Cotton Club (404/843-4330)
22-11-96: Chapel Hill NC Cats Cradle
23-11-96: Reading PA Albright College
25-11-96: Montreal Cabaret Music Hall (514/845-2014)
26-11-96: Ottawa Barrymores (613/237-5301)
27-11-96: Toronto Lees Place (416/532-7389)
29-11-96: Cambridge MA Middle East
30-11-96: New York Knitting Factory (2 shows)
05-12-96: Copenhagen, Loppen
06-12-96: Stockholm, Studion
07-12-96: Gothenburg, Underground
08-12-96: Oslo, So What
10-12-96: Utrecht Tivoli
11-12-96: Liege l'Eescalier
12-12-96: Ris Oranjis Plan
13-12-96: Dijon Le Vapeur
14-12-96: Zürich Dynamo
15-12-96: Frankfurt Nachtleben
17-12-96: Bochum Langendren
18-12-96: Engern Forum
19-12-96: Dresden Star club
20-12-96: Karlsruhe Subway music club
21-12-96: München Muffathalle
16-01-97: Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
17-01-97: London ULU
18-01-97: Liverpool Lomax

15-08-1996: Amsterdam ParadisoThere were only a few hundred people at the gig, which isn't a lot in a venue with a capacity of 1200. They started at 11.15 and ended at 12.15. Bis played even later, but I had to get up early the next morning, so I didn't see them. Jayne was hardly audible, which wasn't a problem with most of the songs, except on Convertible where her vocal part is more relevant. They played seven new songs incl. Real Thing, 2 3 Go and Kansas. They started with Go Go Dancer and Sports Car and finished with Brassneck and Heather. In between they also played Drive, Convertible, Gazebo, Come Play With Me, Love Slave, Bewitched, Crawl.

16-08-1996: Köln Luxor (Popkomm Festival) From: [email protected] (pluegge)
Subject: review Cologne 16.8.
Date sent: Thu, 22 Aug 1996 15:14:11 +0200 (MET DST)

Hi ! What a night it was in Cologne last Friday! After seeing Bis we had to wait to see twp for four hours.They finally made it onstage at 10 to 1. But it was definitely one of the best wp gigs in my life.Surprisingly they started the set with "go-go dancer",followed by a storming version of "sports car".The set was perfect featuring new songs like "snake eyes", "2,3,go","real thing","venus" and two others as well as old faves like "come play with me","crawl","loveslave","gazebo" and "bewitched"!!!. But the best bit was maybe the end where twp played "brassneck" before en- ding a brilliant night with one of my favourites:"Heather"!! So I really can't wait for the new album and to see them on their European Tour in October or December. They are definetely still the best band around.


19-08-1996: Liverpool Virgin Record Shop (Lunchtime) From: Media Project ([email protected])
Subject: Liverpool in-store
Date sent: Mon, 19 Aug 1996 14:32:23 +-100

Great to see the Weddoes return again to my hometown, for the first time I think since the Hit Parade tour.

Stripped down version of the band, played a half-hour set to an audience consisting of both Weddoes die-hards and curious shoppers. All the songs were new to me, with the exception of "Convertible". Gedge, resplendent in shorts (not silver ones), seemed quieter than usual and only gave out one song title, "Montreal".

On first listen to all the new songs, I think it's safe to say that the Weddoes continue going from strength to strength. The fact that the usual blood, sweat and chaos of TWP gigs was missing today, and that the volume was limited so as to not frighten punters away from the store, only served to add another dimension to the band.

Nottingham and Plymouth - you're in for a treat.


19-08-96: Liverpool Virgin Record Shop (Lunchtime) From: "Mr D.J. Beech" ([email protected])
Subject: twp, virgin megastore, liverpool
Date sent: Mon, 19 Aug 1996 14:26:12 +0100 (BST)

Hiya all,

Well, I'm just back at a computer after seeing TWP at the Virgin Megastore in Liverpool this afternoon. I hadn't seen them for about 3 years (last in Brixton in 1992/1993). Today was a wierd gig, 1 o'clock in the afternoon, when I arrived there were only 7/8 people there, and the band's stuff was squashed up in the corner of the shop were the posters usually are! So I hung around as they soundchecked, David helping along with most if it, the rest of the band arrived with sandwiches (presumably from Tesco's across the road). Then just before they started there were more and more people there, probably 70-80 by the start of the set. David introduced themeselves and they ploughed right into the first number, after which he remarked about him not really being embarrassed! It was really strange to see them all only a few feet away, bangin' away. They did mostly new songs - Snake Eyes, 2,3 Go, Real Thing (David bursting out in laughter as someone he recognised (Sally?) appeared at the top of the stairs), Montreal - and a couple of others that he didn't introduce, also Convertible and finished with one of my absolute favourites - Crawl. That was it, short but sweet. It's been very humid here today, so they were all in shorts & t-Shirts (except Simon who with bleached bits of hair has started to look a bit like Grapper!). Afterwards, some big knob in a suit (presumably the store manager) came up to them and thanked them - probably really gushing and telling them how great they were - David was most bemused! Later there was a signing session of the 2,3 Go single, all the band signing stuff. I bought a copy of Orange slices for a quid from David - Simon was calling him tight, saying if it was up to him he'd give them out for nothing!! Another suited chap in fronted of me in the signing queue said something to David, but he didn't hear properly, just stared at his suit and shook his head!!!

So now I'm back, about to see if there's anywhere close they'll be playing in the rest of the tour. This mailing list has really got me back into them, can't wait for the LP.

Hope you enjoy them when they come to your town,


20-08-1996: Nottingham Virgin Record Shop (Lunchtime) From: "Radford, Andy AJ" ([email protected])
Subject: Nottingham In-Store
Date sent: Thu, 22 Aug 96 02:12:00 PDT

To the guys who went to Liverpool - the Nottingham shop is bigger, so things weren't so cramped, but it was very hot. I would have gone to Liverpool too, but couldn't get off work.

Got there bright and early (paranoia as previously discussed), the journey down from Hull uneventful save the building anticipation, found the Virgin shop (thanks to all the guys who gave me directions, etc. via this list) and bought my singles; band not due until around 1 pm - at 11 there wasn't any kit set up, so cue another panic attack (wrong day? / wrong town?). All was well, however, so wife, sprog and I wandered off to shop; well, they did, I just grumbled and sulked as per.

Back to the Virgin shop at 12:45, and there was the band's equipment, so I went and stood in front of it - couldn't believe it, after being at the front at Louth too. One pillock stood somewhere behind me uttered the classic line to someone "well, they only have two, the slow one and the fast one, and all the songs sound the same". Literally had been there, heard that, bought the t-shirt.

Out they came at around 1:10 (fashionably late), and Simon Smith had to ask the shop security guy to turn off the music so that they could start (they were playing the single on continuous loop, so not as bad as it sounds).

David did his usual introduction, then into a blinding "Kansas", which is now my favourite track, no question (change my questionnaire Leigh). When the song finished, two young teen girls left from behind me, causing David to laugh and remark "they've had enough already".

Nine songs played, all of which were fantastic, and it was all over too soon. At the start, David had said they would only play "great new songs, no oldies", but see the set list below - almost went into joy overload when they finished with "Crawl". Mid-way through, David apologised for doing a guitar solo(!), as the recording had "those things (shakes hands), what are they called??" "Marimbas" said Simon Smith.

Probably around 50 people or so present, only two others who I could say for definite were fans (twp t-shirts), one old lady who seemed quite into it.

Had a quick chat with the two Simons before the signing session began, then got my stuff signed. Incidentally, saw two teenage girls (same as above??) with early Reception singles they had signed (including the French "Why are you being so reasonable now?"); being charitable, I would say that they were between 4 and 6 years old when they were released.

A photographer from the Nottingham Evening News was there, and this is where things take a strange turn. He asked my wife if he could take a picture of my seven year old daughter with the band - one of those cheesy local paper jobs, but I don't care; a professionally taken photo with my favourite band - get up there girl!

After this, I had a short chat with David, who again expressed his opinion that playing record shops was odd, with a strange lack of atmosphere between numbers; but that it does serve to widen the audience. Personally, I don't understand why everyone isn't as obsessed as I am......

Thus ended a near perfect day, with my wife telling David that he had made it rain (torrential downpour outside vs. blazing sunshine earlier).

Set List (Written down for me by Simon Cleave, with assistance from the other band members - thanks a million)

Snake Eyes
2,3 Go
Jet Girl
Real Thing

Ultra mega-bonus from the day : my wife, who previously wouldn't listen to the band, is showing the incubation stages of obsessive fandom, my daughter was a fan already ("see you're bringing her up right", as David remarked).

Can't wait for the tour, and Saturnalia on September 5th. Anyone know if Mini-plus is available in the UK?

Best regards

Andy Radford
"Old Faithful
In any kind of weather"

[email protected]

25-08-1996: The Reading Festival (Sunday afternoon) From: Emma ([email protected])
Subject: twp at reading
Date sent: Sun, 25 Aug 1996 18:50:38 +0100 (BST)

i've just got back from reading, having stayed long enough to see twp and then left. they were brilliant - no change there then.

they did a mixture of new songs (new to me anyway) and some classics from days gone by.

they started with go-go dancer and played some new ones the names of which i cant remember. they also did come play with me, bewitched, brassneck and crawl, as well as drive (i think) and 2,3 go or whatever it's called. dave was as lovely as always and it was well worth the trip.

Set list: Go-Go Dancer, Sports Car, Kansas, Bewitched, 23Go, Venus, Loveslave, Real Thing, Drive, Montreal, Come Play With Me, Brassneck, Crawl


Emma xxx

05-09-1996: Washington D.C. 930 Club From:From: Patrick Hurley ([email protected])
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 1996 15:52:27 -0400
Subject: 9:30 Club Show

Wow, TWP just gets better! Last night's show at the 9:30 club was a BANG. The band seems to be better than ever with their new guitarist and Jane on bass. The crowd was a bit mellow for a TWP gig, at least mellower than previous crowds at the 9:30 club for David and the gang. I got the impression that many in the crowd were newcomers to the band. Only a few people got excited when they launched into Crawl and later on, Brassneck. Most everyone seemed to recognize the Mini stuff and some Watusi material. The play list, to the best of my memory was:

Kansas, 2,3 Go, Come Play with Me, NEW SONG, Swimming Pools and Movie Stars, NEW SONG, Click,Click, Sportscar, The Real Thing, Convertible, Gazebo, Loveslave, Crawl, Drive, Brassneck, Heather

I am probably missing a few and got the order wrong, but you get a good idea. I trekking up to Philly despite the horrible weather, so maybe I'll be able to figure out better.

- Patrick

06-09-1996: Philadelphia Trocadero From: [email protected]
Subject: Philadelphia
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 1996 11:05:07 -0400

The Wedding Present at the Trocadero in Philadelphia. David showed his strong fashion sense by wearing his Green Lantern t-shirt for the umpteenth time; Jayne was prerpared for the Dolores O'Riordon Look-Alike Contest being held later that evening. This was my first glimpse of Guitar Player Cleave...he sort of looks like a cross between Bob Mould and Billie Joe (of Green Day).

There were about 150 people in the orchestra section, with another fifty or so in the balcony, poised to hear these pop classics:

Sports Car, Kansas, 2 3 Go, Snake Eyes, Come Play With Me, Swimming Pools Movie Stars, Crawl, Real Thing, Drive, Gazebo, Loveslave, Venus, Click Click, Convertible, Brassneck, Montreal, Heather

The sound system was unpleasant: vocals were muddy, the acoustic guitar was non-existant, and there was an incessant buzz the whole time, along with cracks and pops when guitars were being rotated. "Sounds like fireworks, doesn't it," David remarked. "Oh, now someone's been shot."

Still, the show was enjoyable, with "Gazebo" probably coming off the best, with David sawing though the ending with a fervor usually reserved for "Corduroy". "Real Thing" was also fantastic; the ending is still ringing in my ears.

On sale: Orange Slices #2, Sucker 7", color and b&w Saturnalia stickers, a gray t-shirt with the Saturnalia logo on the breast, and a maroon "2, 3, Go" t-shirt.

And that's all. Back in November.


11-09-1996: Dublin Mean Fiddler From: "David C. Duffy" ([email protected])
Subject: Re: sound city set list
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 1996 14:25:25 +0100 (BST)

Dunno why this has come up (and not wanting to be nit-picky) but I taped it off the radio and the songs were Silvershorts, Love Machine, Snake-eyes, Sportscar, Convertible, Click Click, MFD, Real Thing, It's a gas, Skindiving, Sucker, and Corduroy. The whole set was a blinder (apart from the 10 minute power failure) and I haven't stopped listening to it, David.

13-09-1996: London Virgin Record Shop (Lunchtime) From: [email protected] (Dr Martin D Smith)
Date sent: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 14:53:38 +0100

A success all round if judged by the people looking like they where buying Saturnalia after the festivities. Approx 100-120 people there by the start and the majority seemed like long time fans (even the few in suits).

The set list was:

David make a few cracks about the moniter amps that virgin had supplied, and it was all over too quickly. For those of you planning to go to gigs Montreal comes across really well live (better than on CD), whilst the few bars of thrashing from David in Kansas made me smile - the past few albums had made me think he was starting to lose this (or at least water it down) from his song writing, but not here. It sounded like a 16(ish) bar version of the Take Me thrash.

Upstairs later, Jayne and Simon S's marker ran out so I gave them one (?) I had brought from work - Jayne thenked me profusely about five times whilst i spoke to David about Cooking Vinyl - he seems alot happier about this label than since Reception.

All four of them signed my copy that I bought on Monday in HMV just to piss the virgin staff off - it helped that I took it along in the HMV bag. It made David laugh anyway.

Can't wait for tonights gig.

13-09-1996: London Virgin Record Shop (Lunchtime) From:Philip Wild ([email protected])
Subject: London Virgin Megastore
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 19:05:47 +0100

They played (from memory):

Snake Eyes; Blue Eyes; 2, 3, Go; Kansas; Montreal; Crawl; Swimming Pools, Movie Stars

The sound was a bit dodgy (David described it as like a transistor with the batteries running out), but I thought it was nicely grungy. Odd atmosphere: lunchtime in a record store with the lights on and a small audience who weren't all TWP fans. But they were still great (of course), and I can't think of many better ways to spend my lunch break from work than a free TWP gig! It was good to be able to get right up the front too, and stand by the speakers without taking permanent hearing damage (I was the one in the suit over on the left).

The fans amongst us bopped along (well, twitched anyway), cheered and applauded the songs, but you couldn't get as carried away as at a proper gig. David was a bit disappointed that 2, 3, Go didn't get a cheer when announced.

I was surprised they didn't play more off the album (not that I'm complaining about the above), and didn't plug it at all, but then we love them for not being commercial.

More record store gigs please!

13-09-1996: London Finsbury Park Powerhaus From: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Saturday night (and Friday)
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 1996 17:58:41 -0400

Seriously though, I went on Friday night and thought the gig was superb, particularly Snake Eyes, Kansas, Bewitched , Come Play With Me and Crawl.

It was good to be able to move after the somewhat unreal experience of the Virgin Megastore show at lunchtime. All very good to be able to see the band for free during the daytime but I would like to know who has the idea for these record shop appearances - is it David or someone from Cooking Vinyl?

Presumably it is done for promotion (as David joked during the set), but judging by the amount of Weddoes shirts present, I imagine that most of the audience would have purchased the album anyway. I see little point in the exercise.

Craig Scrogie
[email protected]

14-09-1996: London Finsbury Park Powerhaus From: [email protected] (Leigh Hunt)
Subject: Saturday night
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 96 14:57 BST-1

Just like to say that last night's gig at the Mean Fiddler was one of the best I've ever seen. The set was paced far better than the previous night. It was bracketed with 2 from Seamonsters (Dare and Heather) and incorporated 2 from Bizarro (Kennedy and Bewitched), 2 from Hit Parade (Come Play With Me and Lovenest), 2 from Watusi (SPMS and Gazebo) and 2 from Mini (Drive and Sports Car) along with Crawl and 6 from Saturnalia.


10-10-1996: Oxford Zodiac From:Sometimes I look like a startled bunny ([email protected])
Subject: you just cant go on pretending
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 96 09:13:36 MET

TWP played a storming set in Oxford last night...maybe its my imagination, but they seemed more 'aggressive' or 'meaty' than they have been in the last year or so. The opener was 'Go Go Dancer', Blitzkreig Version! Imagine it having been on Seamonsters...

That intensity carried on all the way through the set, even to the extended opening of 'What Have I said now', where DG got so carried away that he broke strings on his guitar.

Looking forward to Salisbury now!

A new live tape is available, from Portsmouth last November. You might be able to hear me shouting on that!


12-10-1996: Salisbury Arts Centre From: Sometimes I look like a startled bunny <[email protected]>
Subject: Conversations you thought you would never have....
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 96 08:43:48 MET

TWP blew up another storm in Salisbury on saturday. I still have numb ears... Our unborn went along to its first TWP gig (well, if Karen went, it had no choice), and it seemed to enjoy it. Apparently it moved a few times, mainly during the newer stuff, so I guess it ain't gonna grow up shouting for 'My Favourite Dress' or 'Shatner'. DG seemed impressed by all this anyway.

The venue is a cool place, actually a converted church, and the acoustics were pretty good. Can't say I'm keen on Salisburys one-way system though.

Set list:

Dreamworld Drive Gazebo Loveslave Venus Heather Montreal Kansas Sportscar Snake Eyes Real Thing Suck Kennedy Skindiving 2 3 Go Come Play with me What have I said now


13-10-1996: Nottingham Clinton Rooms From: Bill Jones <[email protected]>
Subject: Nottingham show
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 16:56:02 -0700 (PDT)

My ears are ringing and my head is throbbing (five pints of Bass and twp don't mix) after another blinding set by the ever improving Wedding present.

Twp have always been a 'Loud Band', but Wednesday at The Foundry in Birmingham seemed to be louder than they've been for some time. Perhaps I'm getting old. Nottingham's Clinton rooms, however, provided twp with the most clear acoustics I've ever heard (you could hear every last Gedgey warble). The atmosphere was amazing and they played a good selection of songs from Saturnalia (critic-defyingly good) and a few oldies: Come Play With Me, Suck (still the darkest twp song for me), Heather (incredibly good), Kennedy (my pal had to vomit at this stage - things got a bit frantic) but best of all was the last song of the evening "What Have I Said Now" which was delivered with such ferocity it left everyone feeling as drained as Gedge looked, but still craving more...

It always amazes me how homogenous twp audiences are. When I first went to see them in Feb 88 (aged 17) the audience were mostly 16-21 (or am I suffering from amnesia?). Now, nearly ten years on, they seem 25-30. The same old stalwarts. Younger, newer fans seem, sadly, rather thin on the ground.

The Delgados mustn't be overlooked of course - music tailor made for my Brit Pop-loathing ears. Their new single "Sucrose" (out this week) is a mighty fine record. Check it out on the net if you don't believe me.

can't wait 'til the next tour!

Billy Jones

17-10-1996: Paris Arapaho From: Michael Korchia <[email protected]>
Subject: WP in paris
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 1996 18:04:10 +0200

hello i saw the weddoes in paris on thursday
great show, of course... i think the songs were the same than in other countries beginning with go go dancer, ending with what have i said now & corduroy
the arapaho was full (but small, maybe 350), david sold me a polo -very nice guy-. i asked him if he loved felt -i was sure he didn't- 'that's not my cup of tea, they're a bit boring' grhhhhhh!!!! i talked to him about the buzzcocks, i think the first weddoes albums sounded like them -he sais he liked them, that some people had already told him that, but he didn't know why- i recorded the show -sounds great-. i NEED some old weddoes live tapes(1986/1990) -i've got a few ones after 1990 (many were plaied on a french radio), but none before...


30-10-1996: Cleveland Heights OH Grog Shop From: [email protected] (Matt Mariola)
Subject: Cleveland review
Date sent: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 15:29:38 +0000

It was a cold and windy evening in Cleveland Ohio last night, Wednesday, October 30, as the Wedding Present opened their latest American tour with their first northern Ohio show in something like 6 or 7 years. And what an opening it was!

All right, enough with the journalistic freedom: Versus came on first and with nary a word except for the obligatory "hello cleveland" played a tight, rhythmic set. Guys on guitar (lead vocs), rhythm guitar, and drums, and gal on bass (backup, sometimes lead vocs), they are from new york state and are one of the best opening bands i've seen. Songs were harmonic and hard-edged, and they went into some great, almost seamonsters-like jams several times. Only problems were their songs were a bit long, and they were not very enthusiastic. Oh, and if you didn't know them, as i didn't, all their songs sounded like different versions of the same song. But i suppose an ignorant non-fan could say the same thing about twp.

Then a 30-minute wait and out came the gang. David was sporting the long-sleeved orange shirt he is so fond of (I asked him after the show if that shirt always followed him to america, and then immediately felt like the dumb groupie trying to make a witty comment, which is exactly what i was) and black jeans, jayne had the short, dyed hair, simon in shorts and never looked at the crowd, and new simon was, well, the cute, little-kid-like new guy.

Started things with an extended-intro version of go-go dancer, and things only got better. Played mostly from saturnalia, although also featured 2 from bizarro but, surprisingly, none from seamonsters (although kansas almost counts if you ask me). David was very full of energy, banging away at his guitar many times like it was his arch-nemesis, especially during the end of gazebo. Simon was even more energetic, i swear that man eats speed for breakfast, he pounded away with abandon song after song, never missing a beat. Jayne was her typical laid-back self, her vocals barely audible, and new simon was much more happy than darren ever looked, and a damn good axe man too, if you'll pardon the classic-rock phrase. Other highlights were the incredible version of kennedy and the hugely-extended-intro version of what have i said now?

Straight from the set list, the songs were:
go go dancer
sports car
snake eyes
2 3 go
dreamworld (the jamming parts weren't as discernible as on album)
gazebo (rock out)
real thing
loveslave (made me appreciate the song 10 times more)
kennedy (yes!!!!!)
montreal (not as 'pretty' live)
come play with me
kansas (rock out part 2)
what have i said now?

They played for almost exactly 1 hour, david didn't speak as much as he usually does or banter with the crowd but once (and that was to say the usual "we can't play them all you know").

I was enthralled, the best i've seen them.

And i've said enough.

Matt Mariola

02-11-1996: Chicago IL Metro From: "Bret D. Hawkins" ([email protected])
Subject: Chicago Show
Date sent: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 12:43:06 -0500 (EST)

Not too many people have said much about Saturday night's show at the Metro, so I'll throw my $.02 in here...

First off, I had no previous introduction to Versus and enjoyed their set. I went out and picked up their "Secret Swingers" album which isn't too bad, although it seems to be a little more monotonous than their live set. What was with their guitarist's Mr. Roboto moves during the last song, anyway? Very odd, that guy. Kind of fun to watch though...

The Wedding Present sounded fantastic. This was the first time I'd ever seen them, and I've waited 6 years, so I probably would have enjoyed it even if Gedge had come out and played R.E.O. Speedwagon covers all night. My only concern is that Gedge find a barber swiftly. He looks a bit ragged these days. I also rather miss seeing the old band members, not that the 2 new folks are doing a bad job, but it just seems odd not to have Dorrington around anyway...nostalgic I guess. I thought the best song of the night was "Kennedy"...Gedge plowed all but 2 strings off his guitar...Also gained a new respect for some of the Hit Parade material...

All in all, a great show...


Bret D. Hawkins
[email protected]
Purdue University

03-11-1996: Madison WI The East End From: [email protected]
Subject: Madison and Minneapolis
Date sent: Wed, 6 Nov 1996 17:32:40 -0600 (CST)

There's been a bit, but not much, about the Madison and Minneapolis shows, so I thought I'd add a bit . . . but this "bit" turned out to be really long, so you've been warned.

I drove from Kansas to Minneapolis (8.5 hours) last Friday in time to see Billy Bragg and Robyn Hitchcock. It was a nice coincidence that they were playing on roughly the same weekend as the Weddoes, though I wouldn't have driven all that way solely for Bragg and Hitchcock. Hitchcock was o.k., but Bragg astounded me. I'll have to get more of his albums. But that's nothing to do with the Weddoes, so on with the story: I spent the weekend with friends in Minneapolis and Menomonie, WI, and on Sunday I drove to Madison for the show at the East End.

As someone else said, turnout in Madison seemed pretty good, though I couldn't say the same about the audience's interest level, which seemed to vary. Then again, I didn't know anyone at this show, so my attention was pretty much riveted to the stage. However, there was once so much chattering that David said something to the effect of "We're going to do another song now." Amusing.

I thought the show was very good--better than last March in Minneapolis, which I think is due to the addition of Simon and the coalescing of the new line-up. The set list was this: Drive; Gazebo; Venus; Loveslave; Swimming Pools, Movie Stars; Heather; Montreal; Come Play With Me; 2 3 Go; Kansas; Sports Car; Snake Eyes; Dreamworld; Real Thing; Suck; Kennedy; What Have I Said Now?.

Highlights, I thought, were "Heather," "Kansas," "What Have I Said Now?" and definitely "Snake Eyes." Everything was good, though there seemed to be quite a few equipment problems that would slightly mar a song here and there. ("Come Play With Me" got moved up in the set because of such a problem, and Simon had a bad string to contend with during "Montreal..") The set is a great mix of stuff from every period since BIZARRO--a nice balance. There's always going to be a song you wish you would have heard, but I was really pleased with this list--only "Loveslave" never really grabbed me before, and it does *now*. Funny bit: I'd told David that I'd driven from Kansas to be able to see the shows, so before "Kansas," he jokingly asked if there was anyone from Kansas in the room. Cute . . .

As another person noted, the crowd seemed unfamiliar with the "no encores" rule (which I think is a good rule--encores are too often obligatory). I think Gedge could have done a better job of "explaining" it that night, as some people seemed genuinely peeved. Oh well.

I got to talk to David, Simon C., and Jayne after the show--they're genuinely nice people, and I was happy to be able to chat with them a bit. Cooler yet was that they remembered me the next night--but I'll get to that. I told Simon that I thought all the songs he had a hand in writing for SATURNALIA were the best ones--"Montreal," "50s," and "2 3 Go" are the ones, and happen to be my three favorites. I probably sounded like a gushing fan at that point, but it's true. I'm *very* excited about the current line-up and where they can go from here. Simon S. brought over the US version of the CD, so that Jayne and Simon could get their first looks at it--Jayne remarked that the cover (in black and white, not silver) looked cheaper and they discovered that the CD itself was half-green, not at all like the UK version.

I left Madison in a very cheery mood, and had a great time, but the next night in Minneapolis blew Madison right out of the water! I *swear* the band was on fire at First Avenue. It was a much more aggressive attack, in all the right places--the sound was incredible! The set list had exactly the same songs as Madison, perhaps slightly rearranged ("Come Play With Me" was the penultimate song, at least), but it was so much more fantastic--they sounded PHENOMENAL. Of the six times I've seen them, this was near the top. I could keep piling on superlatives, but they would fail to convey how great it was. I can't even point to highlights, since *everything* was so good. The set moved a lot more smoothly than in Madison, and the crowd was a more enthusiastic one. This show was one for my personal history books!

Personal highlights: David walked by and said hi while I was sitting with some friends, which was suitably impressive to them. Jayne and then Simon stopped by a while later. And David subtly pointed to me during "Kansas," which I got a kick out of. I wasn't even that close to the stage that night. It was also really nice to have a bunch of friends at that show (hi, Amy!), and a bit odd, too, since they're all from different parts of my life. Ah, to be united by the love of the Wedding Present . . .

In short (SHORT?), it was an *incredibly* rewarding weekend, thanks in great part to this extraordinary band we all get so much from. I'd do it all again, a hundred times over. As I said before, I'm very excited about the current line-up and what the *next* album could sound like. SEAMONSTERS remains my favorite, but SATURNALIA is wonderful, as is the live show, and I think we have some more great music ahead of us.

Sorry for the length. I'll stop now. It's just that times like these are so rare--you have to cherish them. And writing about them serves as a reminder. Vancouver, Seattle, and everywhere else--you have something terrific coming your way.


08-11-1996: Seattle WA The Crocodile From: [email protected]
Subject: Seattle Show
Date sent: Monday, 11 November 1996 7:50am PT

Stonkin. No other word for it. David was in the 'lobby' of the venue selling T shirts and stuff, largely ignored by the incoming throng. Versus weren't bad, in a Sonic Youth sort of way.

Set list seems to have been the same as previously posted. Some part of the PA broke after a couple of numbers and so we were treated to a Gedge version of Ben Elton's material (meaningless reference for all US readers of the list of course). "If ahh knew enny jokes, ahh'd tellum. What's with people who point at an empty chair next to yer, and say lahke, is ennywun sittin' ther? 'Course there's not". During this there was at least one shout from the crowd for Box Elder, and the usual calls for older stuff. After a few comments regarding Festive Fifty he commented that a number of the crowd had funny accents (that would be us I 'spose).

Notable highlights include Montreal which was a storming rendition, and the ever popular Kennedy. There was a relatively small portion the crowd working up a sweat, and the rest of 'em who gave us a wide berth. Good to see a least a couple of list members there. David did specifically state before the last track that 'we dont do encores so..'



09-11-1996: Portland OR Berbati's Pan From: [email protected] (David W Thompson)
Subject: Portland show
Date sent: Sun, 10 Nov 1996 12:37:53 -0800 (PST)

The Wedding Present played an impressive set last night in support(?!) of Martin Phillips and the Chills. "In support" is a relative term, as there were only 50 or so people left gently swaying their heads to the Chills by the time the evening was over, whereas about 500 were treated to a great show by the Weddoes. This was the Wedding Present's only show with the Chills and it seemed like an odd mix. Simon S. was gracious enough to say that he didn't mind opening for them, especially since they didn't have to rush to pack up the van and could enjoy the show. He thought the Chills were a fine band, but Gedge admitted that "they weren't his cup of tea". They played their one hit, and showed some signs of life on one or two other tracks, but overall I would tend to side with Gedge. In all fairness they had no hope of matching the Weddoes energy, and seemed like a strange band to share the bill. Portland music promoters clearly did not have their finger on the pulse of Portlander listening habits, as the majority of the crowd left after the Weddoes set. Happily, they played a full set, and since they never play encores, we didn't miss anything.

Judging from the set list and the ones already posted, there were no new song additions, although Simon said they had changed the order some from the previous night in Seattle, where he said they didn't play Crawl (any confirmations, Seattle folk?). Gedge nearly skipped over 2,3, Go in his rush to get to Dreamworld - "This next song is called Dreamworld ... no it's not". This led to some of the more interesting banter of the evening, as members of the audience cried out "Dreamworld" after the band finished 2,3, Go. Gedge responded, "I didn't know the had irony in the US". His mocking of Simon's "bird impression" (as Simon began the count a bit early for the rest of the band, flapping his drumsticks like wings) was the only other notable bit of conversation with the crowd.

Musical highlights were Drive, Come Play With Me, and Skin Diving. I didn't see them on their Mini tour, and thought that Sports Car and Drive translated very well to concert. Kennedy is always a favorite, but didn't seem as tight as the last time they came through. I was really looking forward to hearing What Have I Said Now, but was a bit disappointed that the guitars weren't louder in the mix, as David had switched to acoustic.

I gained a lot of appreciation for Simon's drumming - he really attacked the kit! Jayne gets the most wonderful determined look when she gets absorbed in a jam (and her hair crop and color looked great). I also thought Jayne's vocals could have been higher in the mix. As for Gedge and the new Simon? Well, suffice it to say that they broke many a string between the two of them through the course of the night.

Simon S. and Gedge were kind enough to share their road itinerary with me, and I was disappointed to see that they were not playing in New Mexico, as I am going to be at a conference in Albuquerque on their day off between shows in Tempe and Austin. I told Simon they should play a show at my hotel room, but somehow he seemed to think they needed to be a little further down the road that night (imagine that!).

Is there anyone from New Mexico on the list? Have the Weddoes ever played there? Can anyone recommend clubs, record shops or restaurants in Albuquerque while I'm there for the weekend? (I digress)

Anyway, it was a great show, and I can't wait to see them next time they come through.

P.S. For anyone interested, I thought I'd post the set list from the Watusi show in Portland.

(from the set list):

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah; Flying Saucer; So Long, Baby; Blue Eyes; Dalliance; It's A Gas; Swimming Pools, Movie Stars; Let Him Have It; Crawl; Go Go Dancer; Catwoman; Click Click; Loveslave; Kennedy; Spangle; Silver Shorts; Shake It; California; Queen of Outer Space; Gazebo

11-11-1996: San Francisco CA Slim's From: Brent L Daniel ([email protected])
Subject: San Fran show
Date sent: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 09:45:59 -0800 (PST)

Went to Slim's to see the weddoes last night, and, of course, it was an excellent show.

They played the same basic set list you've all been reporting: a handful from Saturnalia, Drive & Sportscar, Gazebo & Swimming Pools, Love Slave and Come Play with Me, Suck and Heather, Kennedy and What Have I Said Now...

One thing that my friend Keith and I noticed was that the bass was WAY TOO LOUD, very distorted, and kinda ruined the overall sound. It was hard to pick out the guitar lines.

On the visual front, it would have been nice if Dave hadn't stood directly in front of Simon, but otherwise he and the new guitarist seemed a lot more into it this time around. Very spirited.

The crowd, similar to someone's impression of the Seattle show, was just not as physically engaged. In April, we saw them at the same club (Slim's) and a mosh-pit opened up pretty quickly. This time, no such thing. Even when they broke into Kennedy, only a relatively small number of us were bopping around.


13-11-1996: Los Angeles CA Roxy Theatre From: Paul Moore ([email protected])
Subject: Re: LA show review
Date sent: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 16:33:53 -0800

The LA set list in order from the xeroxed (!) sheet I got from near the drum kit (what is the roadie's name? i owe her!):
Drive; Gazebo; Venus; Loveslave; Real Thing; Swim (swimming pools, movie stars); Heather; Montreal; 2, 3, go; Snake Eyes; Sports car; Kansas; Dreamworld; Suck; Kennedy; Play (come play with me); What (what have I said now?)

I know they changed the order up a bit - David said something about a North American medley when introducing Kansas and Montreal which were played back to back, not in the order on the list above (and he conveniantly left out California from the medley). The extended intro to What Have I said Now? was incredible! A nice way to end the show after saying "this is our last song..." It just kept building and building and then kind of exploded.

I'm definitely in agreement with the others that the March tour was much livelier in terms of the crowd. The crowd this time out seemed younger but not very moved by the music.

If anyone has made a decent boot somewhere on this tour I'd like to get a copy. Email for possible trades.

I also gave David some NASA stickers with the "saturnalia" logo and he seemed kind of surprised to see them. Maybe the design firm tried to pass the saturnalia design off as an original???


13-11-1996: Los Angeles CA Roxy Theatre From: [email protected] (Nadim Baki-Zada)
Subject: LA show review
Date sent: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 12:28:27 -0800

Hello all, just thought I'd share my 2 cents about the LA show last night at the ROXY.

First I have to say that even though i am a big Wedding Present fan as well as a Versus fan I had never seen either band live until last night. Well, it was memorable.

Versus played for about 45 mins, some songs from their latest CD and some older material, very powerfull, as well as very cool. The 3 brothers Baluyut and Fontaine (the chick) had a really cool stage presence, it was nothing too extravagant they just had

After a small interlude Gedge and co. took the stage, and I have to say I was really extatic having never seen TWP. I can't recall the set list in order or anything but off the top of my head they played "Gazebo", " stars", "2, 3, go..", "Kennedy"

All 4 band members were awesome, they had those noise-ridden jams at the end of some songs where it gets real loud and funky, Gedge was strumming away like a madman at times. Very impressive.

David made sure to chit chat with the audience between songs (which is always cute) and joked around quite a bit even though i didn't ge all of what he said (partly due to my lack of exposure to the Yorkshire accent). DG also told us all that they didn't And wished everyone a merry Xmas before they left stage.

A perfect show all in all, 2 of my fave bands, great sound system, great view (i was sitting at a table higher than the grounds so i could see the stage quite clearly).

That's all for now....

-Lord Soth-

14-11-1996: Long Beach CA Foothill Club From: [email protected]
Subject: Review: TWP in Long Beach/San Diego
Date sent: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 11:10:40 -0500

Went to both the Long Beach and San Diego shows. I was pleased to find that the Long Beach venue, which is actually in Signal Hill, was not in the area of Signal hill I remembered driving through on Pacific Coast Highway--an area where you don't even like to stop at lights, let alone park and leave your car.

The band started playing right about midnight at both shows. I was quick enough to grab Jayne's set-list off the stage (should I have it framed?) at the end of the Long Beach gig (reproduced exactly from set-list):

Go Go; SPORTS; SNAKE; 2 3 GO; DREAMWORLD; VENUS; GAZEBO; DRIVE; LOVESLAVE; KENNEDY; MONTREAL; PLAY; SKIN; KANSAS; BLUE EYES; WHAT; CRAWL; Dave teased Jayne for not appearing too enthusiastic about being in Long Beach, though she did appear to cheer up by the end of the show.

In San Diego, Dave answered someone's question by saying they never play the same set-list two nights in a row. I don't remember the San Diego set exactly, but I do remember it was pretty similar to Long Beach's, including playing Kennedy again(!), with the important differences being that they played Heather and Suck from Sea Monsters! Dave also introduced the band, after which he said, "Well, I've introduced the band. I've never done that before." Finally, I don't think anyone was upset when the band refused to play any of their Lynard Skinner covers, despite several calls from the audience.

Randall G.

18-11-1996: Austin TX Electric Lounge From: PAUL FRANK ([email protected])
Subject: Austin show
Date sent: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 15:00:50 -0600 (CST)

I went to the Austin show Monday and was not disapointed. Here are some highlights, and if I left anything out, the people I met there who are on the list should respond. The band showed up at about 6. I was surprised to see they had been driving a Van across the U.S. That's probably about 4,000 miles. David said he likes traveling that way versus a plane.. I guess so. They did a sound check of 4 songs - Drive, Movie stars, and I think Blue Eyes that they also played later. The doors opened at 9 and a line continued out the door for at least 2 hours. The club was filled by the time WP went on (about 250 people) and everyone was standing or sitting on rafters. David started selling WP parafanalia about 10. The shirts look like something from star trek was a comment I heard! Girlspy and Versus were good and received good reaction. WP took the stage at about 12am. The sound was well mixed even though I was near a speaker. I think the drums came out very clearly, more so than the record. I thought Shaun Charmon was on the 1992 tour? Or was it Simon then as well, or are they twins? They look alike. They played mostly new material but played Heather, Kennedy (sounded just like the record) What Have I said - an extended version because Darren broke a string but the band played on. David broke an acoustic string to which he said would change the set list. I hope we didn't miss Brassneck because of that. Again the crowd was 20 somethings. Their reaction was very polite. There was a lot of yelling and applause at the end but it all subsided and became very quiet until David announced the next song. There was the typical blurting of song titles except that my best friend was one of those yelling, so I couldn't do anything. They played 70 minutes, the last song being What have I ... Before the end David commented on the encore thingy, to which the crowd bemoaned. By the way, from my perspective, David's hair is ok, but Jane's is very classy.

21-11-1996: Atlanta GA Cotton Club From: superbob ([email protected])
Subject: atlanta show
Date sent: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 17:39:44 -0800

well, we went to the atlanta show and it was great. we got there too early and ended up sitting in the cold for two and a half hours but in that time we saw david and asked him if he wanted to join us in a beer and he told us to fuck, just kidding, he did say no, though. so we hung around and heard their sound check through the doors of the club...nothing special there, just a soundcheck.
so when the doors finally opened we were first in line (i dunno why), and we went right to the table where gedge and sally were selling shit and one of my friends asked him why he didn't take us up on our beer offer and he said he didn't drink before gigs because he would forget the lyrics he has a hard time remembering anyway.
the set list was your usual set list. opening with drive, closing with what have i said now?. but it was a good show, but it appeared that david didn't want to be there or he was tired or something.
he did loosen up after a while, though. during snake eyes he fumbled the first verse and mumbled "fuck" into the microphone (for all you "why doesn't david curse" listmembers) and the changed the line to "don't look alive" instead of don't look surprised....i think because the crowd wasn't getting all that into it.
then someone told a joke that i didn't quite hear and he told them to stop because his side was splitting. then after suck, someone yelled out "suck me" and he looked up surprised and said "see me later".
anyway, there's my useless info about the atlanta show. his hair was shaggy, but who cares. his shoes were very nice as was his pants which i think made the show a little better (sarcasm)
oh and yatsura were very good.


25-11-1996: Montreal Cabaret Music Hall From: Darcy Brockbank ([email protected])
Subject: Montreal show...
Date sent: Tue, 26 Nov 96 13:58:04 -0500

Gedge & Co. play Cabaret in Montreal yesterday, to a crowd of about 200, I think. I'm bad at estimates though.

They played "Montreal", of course...

This was my first time seeing the band, and I went with Ivo and Bill from Florida (hi Bill). They were soooo goood that I'm still shocked.

Everything was just right... the sound was right on, and the musicians were in excellent form. Apparently there is some controversy about David's hair, and while it's a bit messy, it's not that bad ;-). Anyway, the band started good and hit the first crest with Heather... Heather just blew me away.

Second crest hit with What Have I Said Now, featuring what seemed to be a five minute intro of a single chord. David's back faced the audience, and I don't even think the other musicians knew when the intro was going to end and David would come back to the front and sing... fantastic buildup to the song, which was the second highlight of the night.

Then, Kennedy was so good, I almost died. I think it was the high point of my life.

Some songs were prefixed with audience banter, as this place was really small. Some drunk guy was crying out "William Shatner" which caused David to remark, "Shows what you know... the song is called Shatner." Then, "You can't leave Montreal without playing William Shatner", to which David said, "See, you're wrong again..."

The set they played was well-crafted, and I wouldn't have changed a thing. As you can see, I was very impressed. I also got the opportunity to check out some chords, and see where my chords page is wrong and right ;-).

The opening band Yatsura was also quite good, and I'd recommend them to anyone... we talked with David and Yatsura afterwords, and all were quite nice and friendly. A most excellent time all-round, and if you'd like to see TWP in a small place, come by Montreal next time they're here.

- darcy

27-11-1996: Toronto Lees Place From: [email protected]
Subject: Toronto show
Date sent: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 13:02:50 -0500

The weddoes show in Toronto last night was a mixed success I suppose. It was conspicously *not* sold out (like last time), but a fairly good crowd considering it's close to exam time here. Gedge seemed pissed over the fact that the tour shirts got stopped at the Canadian border for legal reasons, and he made a point of appologizing to the crowd. The set list was the same as recent shows (as far I could tell) but the order was switched a little because he managed to break strings on his acoustic guitar twice. There was the usual calling out of song names, "kennedy, brassneck etc." and somebody shouted out "wonderwall" which was pretty damn funny. The band seemed a little tired, but were very tight. The crowd was pretty low key, not much dancing even to kennedy, which was dissapointing. I don't see how you see this band standing still with your arms crossed. Before the last song Gedge wished everyone a happy thanksgiving, which is a big faux-pas since our turkey day is about a month earlier than the American one. I think he felt really bad about it because several fans were razzing him after the show. He told me that he thinks all of Canada hates him now, which is a point I will contest. Anyways, well worth the price of admission and the fact that my roomates and I slept through our morning classes.

Mike Sutherland

27-11-1996: Toronto Lees Place From: [email protected] (Jennifer Ralston)
Subject: About last night's show...
Date sent:Thu, 28 Nov 96 10:00:49 EST

About last night's show... I thought I'd share a few observations of the WP gig in Toronto, last night at the oh-so-scuzzy-why-do-they-play-there-every-time Lee's Palace...

The set list seems to have been pretty much as it was at the Albright College show, with a few exceptions (i.e. started with Drive, ended with What Have I Said Now?).


Gazebo.. This was without a doubt the best I've ever heard this song played! It shimmied & shook like it never has. Top.


Dreamworld. It was this show's "Click Click."


Kennedy, duh. Although I have to confess that at first I was wondering what all the fuss on the list was - I'd always *loved* Kennedy, butthistimeitwasreallynothingspecialwhenallofasuddentheypassedthefirstve rsewhenSimon(S)takesitawayand WOW!!! From then on - an absolutely smokin' rendition. Let's hear it for Bizzarro.


A very chatty David! More talk onstage than all the other times I've seen them, put together!


"Is there a doctor in the house to sew my sides back up?" -David, referring to the "typical Canadian humour" of an audience member who felt compelled to yell for "Wonderwall."


After giving us the bit about no encores, just before What Have I Said Now? (last song), David forgot the difference in Canadian holidays from US ones and wished us all a happy Thanksgiving.


After this song, David realised his mistake (did someone tell him while they were playing?) and apologised to us: "Oh, you've already had your Thanksgiving, haven't you?" (It was a month ago)


What Have I Said Now? Hearing this song live again... wow. It's been a long time. And since Bizzarro has basically been their first album for years, as far as set lists go, it was comforting to hear more than one song played from it.


I thought the show in March was better, but not by much. More near and dear songs then, although this show had a good mix. Simon C sounded great. Sports Car was the only song that sounded a little rough (to my ears, anyway... not sure if this was a conscious choice and I'd *hate* to be presumptuous) Jayne's hair looks amazing! David could use a haircut... just to add to that debate... Ivo & Darcy, they played Montreal here! Guess we were more polite...

And the blond guy in Urusei Yatsura is really cute but they just failed to impress.

thanks for reading,

jennifer -possibly the only list member who has actually lived in both Kansas *and* Montreal.

27-11-1996: Toronto Lees Place From: [email protected]
Subject: Toronto show
Date sent: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 13:02:50 -0500

The weddoes show in Toronto last night was a mixed success I suppose. It was conspicously *not* sold out (like last time), but a fairly good crowd considering it's close to exam time here. Gedge seemed pissed over the fact that the tour shirts got stopped at the Canadian border for legal reasons, and he made a point of appologizing to the crowd. The set list was the same as recent shows (as far I could tell) but the order was switched a little because he managed to break strings on his acoustic guitar twice. There was the usual calling out of song names, "kennedy, brassneck etc." and somebody shouted out "wonderwall" which was pretty damn funny. The band seemed a little tired, but were very tight. The crowd was pretty low key, not much dancing even to kennedy, which was dissapointing. I don't see how you see this band standing still with your arms crossed. Before the last song Gedge wished everyone a happy thanksgiving, which is a big faux-pas since our turkey day is about a month earlier than the American one. I think he felt really bad about it because several fans were razzing him after the show. He told me that he thinks all of Canada hates him now, which is a point I will contest. Anyways, well worth the price of admission and the fact that my roomates and I slept through our morning classes.

Mike Sutherland

29-11-1996: Cambridge MA Middle East From: Edward Arthur ([email protected])
Subject: The Middle East, Boston 11/29/96
Date sent: Sat, 30 Nov 1996 15:45:34 -0500

Hi all,

Just a quick note to pop in and say I was at the Boston show last night. I didn't get a copy of the song list so I'll leave that to someone else, the set sounds familiar to what's been said already. Kennedy and Montreal being the highlights along with "What Have I Said Now?" (I'll call this the encore since they paused and did that loooooooooooooooong intro).

I happened to be within elbow-to-jaw distance of the Irish contingent in the nearly non-existant "mosh-pit". A very tame audience as I remember them (this being my first show in 1 1/2 years, yes, I came out of retirement for TWP).

I wonder if David's hair would look better if he pulled a static-y sweater over his head?

In true DIY spirit, after the show David ran off-stage back to the T-shirt table where he was perched during the opening act.

Edward S. Arthur
[email protected]

30-11-1996: New York Knitting Factory From: Bill Pearis ([email protected])
Subject: NYC Show
Date sent: Mon, 02 Dec 1996 12:24:27 -0500

I managed to survive both performances at the Knitting Factory, Satuday Night.

Each show had it's highlights. The first show was really good--Gedge said onstage something to the affect of "I think it's time for me to get a hairtcut." Before the show, David was out by the amin bar, selling shirts like always, and no-one seemed to notice. The shirts were nice, but I can't stand 50-50 blend, so I didn't buy one.

The intro of "What Have I Said Now?" seemed to go on for five minutes.

As good as teh first show was, the second easily blew it away. "Kennedy" was ferocious, what appeared to be a mid-set change in the list (did anyone get a copy of the actual list--I'm curious?) that made way for :"Blonde," which Simon had apparently never played.

They skipped the intro to "What Have I Said Now?," (my memory starts to go here, after many, many beers) but it seemed to me that Gedge was not going to let the song end until he broke a string. After many, many minutes with no broken strings, David finally gave up and yanked the strings out physically.

Notes on the openers--Yatsura were really good and very loud. The same cannot be said of onetime Eggs singer Andrew Beaujon. During the first show he was hanging out at the downstairs bar the entire time slugging back pints and by the time he was on, he was shitfaced and kept screwing up his songs. Plus he did a cover of that awful Philip Cross song "When You Get Caught Between The Moon And New York City" from Arthur. Ick. The only people who were in the room to watch seemed to be fellow SPIN staffers, who all seemed kind of embarrassed for him.

Was I the only one to notice that Too Much Joy's Tim Quirk was there for BOTH shows? Was Andy Richter there, by the way? I didn't see him.

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can remember.


16-01-1997: Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms From: "Martyn J Small" <[email protected]>
Subject: Portsmouth gig Sender:
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 97 20:49:34 GMT

Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms, 16th Jan.

Not much has been said about the Portsmouth do so far... The first weddingpresent gig of '97, as Gedge pointed out (this is not a very important fact, as Gedge pointed out).

Support: Blush, who I've seen before, supporting The Sweeney and Harvey's Rabbit (some of the more attentive Peel fans among you may remember these bands). Blush were OK, but nothing particularly memorable. Their opening drumbeats made me think they were going to collapse into a slow version of Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah, but unfortunately (or fortunately), no. Cute guitarist, though.

Weddingpresent: Only my second time seeing them, and I thought they were terrific - great to hear lots of the new songs 'in the flesh'; for me it brought the Saturnalia stuff to life. Our Sally was certainly on fine form, coyly setting up the equipment in front of a gawping crowd of adoring admirers. Really good turnout, too: I reckon there were 250-300, filling out the place nicely. Last time (Nov '95) there couldn't have been more than 150 people. The band seemed a bit tentative (or apathetic - difficult to tell) at first, David mumbling: goodeveningwerthweddingprrs, but soon getting going and making, as you'd expect, a spiffing noise, much to the appreciation of the (small but dedicated) moshpit crowd of afficionados. Apart from some damn fool shouting out 'Brassneck' (which they didn't play, not having rehearsed it) after every song, the show went really well, if a little low-key at times. Jayne was fantastic in a mild sort of way, as ever, and the replacing of Darren Belk on guitar didn't jar, although Simon Cleave's opening six-note phrase on Go, Man, Go did seem a little pretentious. Otherwise he was pretty fabulous. Some highlights of their set (in no particular order):

Montreal - of course, which we're "probably sick of hearing, 'cos it's been on the radio every hour"

Spangle - the full vamped-up version, with some wonderful slide-bass from Jayne

Go, Man, Go
Real Thing
Snake Eyes
2, 3, Go

The important thing is that they're still making a fantastic, original noise after over ten years - overall, a great performance from a terrific band.


PS. Judging by the recent lapses into mumbling and ranting, perhaps Gedge is metamorphosing into Mark E. Smith. That'll be something to watch, no doubt.

17-01-1997: London ULU From: [email protected]
Subject: ULU gig
Date sent: Sat, 18 Jan 1997 08:37:29 -0500 (EST)

Just waking up after my umpteenth WP concert. The atmosphere at last night's show was the best I can remember in London for a few years.

For a band who spent much of last year touring, there was still vitality to the performance, (although David's voice sometimes dropped into that Mark E Smith style of grunting heard on Montreal's live b-sides).

David said that it had been 10 years since he last played at the venue, and joked to the heavy student contingent that many of them were not even born then!

The only disappointment of the evening was the support band, Ether. Truly dull.

The set started with Rotterdam followed by Crawl, and ended with a blistering Kennedy and the epic version of What Have I Said Now?

Inbetween they played (not in this order):

Montreal ("Our new single, which I'm sure you've been hearing on Radio 1 all week")
Blue Eyes
Dalliance (My highlight of the set and very well received)
The Queen Of Outer Space
Real Thing
Snake Eyes
Spangle (full guitar version as played in the Peel Session)
Go, Man, Go

Top stuff, even after all these years. After living with it for a few months, I now rate Saturnalia as my second favourite Weddoes album after Seamonsters. Let's hope David keeps the enthusiasm going.


©2005 Chester Severien ([email protected])