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The Wedding Present - Discography (Various)

Various releases

track Living And Learning
Rouska RANT 1 -- An "early version" on 'Raging Sun' compilation. Comes in two different sleeves.

track 'This Boy Can Wait (Live)'
The Holy Bible compilation, available only on cassette.

track 'This Boy Can Wait (A Bit Longer)'
NME 022 -- Originally available only in cassette format from the music magazine New Musical Express.

track 'You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends'
Shelter 1 -- A different version on 'Ideal Guest House' compilation (cassette only).

7" A Million Miles/What Did Your Last Servant Die Of?
October -- 200 pressed with white labels to promote 'George Best'.

cass Live Tape One:
This Boy Can Wait/Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft/All This And More/A Million Miles/You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends/I Regret Everything/Something and Nothing/ The Day That This Letter Came/My Favourite Dress/Never Said/ Give My Love To Kevin/Go Out And Get 'Em Boy!/Getting Nowhere Fast/Once More
Recorded in Leicester, May 5 -- The first in a series of live tapes released by The Wedding Present in an attempt to beat the bootleggers' high prices. All are available from Grapper and Sons, PO Box HP25, Leeds, LS6 1RU.

cass Live Tape Two:
Never Said/Don't Be So Hard/Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft/ Nobody's Twisting Your Arm/This Boy Can Wait/A Million Miles/ I'm Not Always So Stupid/Anyone Can Make A Mistake/It's What You Want That Matters/What Did Your Last Servant Die Of?/ Give My Love To Kevin/Shatner/My Favourite Dress/You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends/Felicity/It's Not Unusual/Getting Nowhere Fast
Recorded in Munich, November 22.

track 'Go Out And Get 'Em Boy! (live)'
Waves 3 -- On the EP 'Sounds Waves 3'. Recorded at the Majestic Club in Reading.

track 'Unfaithful'
HOD 4 -- Taken from a John Peel session and given free with an issue of House of Dolls magazine.

cass Live Tape Three:
You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends/Never Said/ What Did Your Last Servant Die Of?/Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft/Not From Where I'm Standing/This Boy Can Wait/A Million Miles/Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now?/Don't Be So Hard/ Nothing Comes Easy/Anyone Can Make A Mistake/I'm Not Always So Stupid/Nobody's Twisting Your Arm
Recorded in Rotterdam, March 30.

7" Anyone Can Make A Mistake Vin 5
Taken from a Swedish radio session and given away free with issue four of Vinile magazine (Italy).

7" Davni Chasy/Katrusya And Svitit Misyats
Reception 010X -- A rare promotional single for the 'Ukrainski Vistupi V Johna Peela' mini-LP.

10"/CD/ Ukrainski Vistupi V Johna Peela: cass
Davni Chasy/Yikhav Kozak za Dunai/Tiutiunyk/Zadumav Didochok/ Svitit Misyats/Katrusya/Vasya Vasyl'ok/Hude Dnipro Hude/Verkhovyno

cass Live Tape Five
The Ukrainian set recorded at Middleton, Manchester, April 30.

track Don't Dictate
Breaking Down Records BREAK LP 3 -- On a compilation recorded for Airspace charity. 'Don't Dictate' is a Penetration cover.

10" All Songs Sound The Same EP
The North American release of the 4Songs EP. All tracks are identical.

cass Live Tape Six (?)
This live set was recorded at Barowiak in Uppsala, Sweden.

track Cumberland Gap
Forty Records, NME40
This is the WP contribution to the NME cover compilation 'Ruby Trax'. The original is by Lonnie Donegan and it hit the number 1 spot in the UK charts in 1957.

track Signal
Volume V5CD, December
This cover of the Pell Mell instumental was released on the Volume 5 CD compilation.

CD Hit Parade 3:

Rocket/She's My Best Friend/Make Me Smile/Mothers/Box Elder/ Cumberland Gap
(They made a mistake by putting Brassneck on the record instead of Box Elder. This is a compilation of some of the covers the band has done during their years on RCA. It was released only in France.)
RCA France, 743211138092

track Bewitched (live)
?? Thanks CD1
On the compilation album "Off The Street".

track Undercurrent
This cover of an old surf instrumental appeared on a flexi- disc given free with a magazine called Ablaze!

track Blonde (live)
On a 7" single given free with the 9/10 issue of the Danish music mag Adventure. The other band on the single is Read Only Memory. The version was recorded in December 1992.

Related projects:

The Ukrainians is a band formed by ex-Wedding Present guitarist Peter Solowka. Its music is in the spirit of the Wedding Present's 'Ukrainski Vistupi' EP.

Line-up #1: Len Liggins Roman Remeynes Peter Solowka


LP/CD The Ukrainians: Oi Divchino/Hopak/Ti Moyi Radoshchi/Zavtra/Slava Kobzaraya/ Dity Plachut/Cherez Richku, Cherez Hai/Pereyidu/Teve Zhdu/Son


music for Nike TV commercial (probably not released on record)


Line-up #2:

Peter Solowka - guitars, mandolin, domra, backing vocals The Legendary Len Liggins - vocals, violin Roman Reymenes - mandolin, backing vocals (vocals on 'Chekannya') Stepan Pasicznyk - accordion, backing vocals Dave Lee - drums Paul Dino Briggs - bass guitar

12"/CD Pizny Iz The Smiths: Batyar (Bigmouth Strikes Again)/Koroleva Ne Polerma (The Queen Is Dead) /M'yaso - Ubivstvo (Meat Is Murder)/Spivaye Solovey (What Difference Does It Make?)
Cooking Vinyl FRY 023

LP/CD Vorony: Vorony/Chlib/Koroleva Ne Polerma/Chi Znayesh Ti?/Na Skriptsi Hrayu/Shche Raz/Nadia Pishla/Doroha/Rospryahaite/Durak/Sertsem I Dusheyu/Dvi Lebidky/De Ye Moya Mila?/Teper Mi Hovorymo/Chekannya
Cooking Vinyl COOK CD 054

'Koroleva Ne Polerma' is a cover of The Smiths' 'The Queen Is Dead', 'Chekannya' is a Velvet Underground cover (Venus In Furs). Featuring on selected tracks are Suzanna Semanycz-Blacioti - bandura, Kevin Ryan - sopika and Yuri Babchuk - tsimbali. A longer version of The Queen Is Dead appears on the Pisni Iz The Smiths EP (FRY CD 023)

©2005 Chester Severien ([email protected])