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The Wedding Present - Fanzines


The first fanzine to appear was the fanzine "Invasion of The Wedding Present", which was made by the band themselves and was published from 1987 until 1990. You can find pdf's of the fanzine on the web site Something And Nothing.

The second fanzine was released in the 90's, Orange Slices is still around today and is created by Darren Bugg. It can be found at the Orange Slices web site, but can also be bought at the official site and at gigs.

Nine issues have been published since 1995, nearly one issue every year. Below you can find the "advertisement" for the first two issues.


First issue contents In the first issue (november 1995) you can find:

  • 191 Weddoes fans voted for their favourite albums, songs, videos, etc.
  • An article, called Star Spotting, written by David Gedge.
  • Some lyrics.
  • Interviews.
  • A competition.
  • Weddoes fans' favourite line from any Wedding Present song.
  • Gig review.
  • New releases and merchandise info.
  • ..And more!

First issue cover

Second issue contents Issue 2 of The Wedding Present Fanzine was published July the sixth, 1996. It contains:

  • The world's first interview with Jayne Lockey
  • David Gedge's inside story behind the John Peel This Is Your Life
  • Several Competitions with FAB prizes
  • Lyrics to new songs
  • David Gedge Nude Pin-up !!!!!!!!!!
  • Review of Mini
  • Gig Reviews
  • An article about the Festive Fifty
  • The 1996 Wedding Present Survey
  • Yet More Nice Happy Couples (yawn)
  • The Wedding Present and the Press
  • Fans Focus
  • Bigger Bizarro
  • A feature on the SIX (or even SEVEN ???) Wedding Present drummers !!!!!
  • Loads of exclusive photos

Second issue cover

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