The moment's gone (a tribute to The Wedding Present)

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The Wedding Present - Unofficial biography

The Wedding Present Thank Yer, Very Glad

A comprehensive biography and critical look at The Wedding Present, now widely regarded as Britain's most original and intelligent young band.
Written and produced with the assistance of singer David Gedge and his colleagues, Mark Hodkinson draws on a series of exclusive interviews to assemble the story of one of the few 'indie' bands to stay loyal to their do-it-yourself ideology after being snapped up by a major label.
Thank Yer, Very Glad follows Gedge from Manchester to Leeds University and charts the group's rise from their own tiny label to the Top 40 via RCA. It also confronts The Wedding Present's public image of passive ordinariness and finds instead a pragmatic group led by the complex figure of Gedge, a man obsessed with fast guitars and romance.
Fully illustrated with many photographs from the group's personal collections, and including a full discography.
(Omnibus Press 1990, Order No: OP 45756, 96 pages).

This is the text on the back of the book. David Gedge doesn't agree with most of the above.

You can still buy this book at one of the internet bookshops, but on the left you can find links to the first two chapters, available on this site.

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