The moment's gone (a tribute to The Wedding Present)

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The Wedding Present - Chords: California

Chords from Erwin Calvez

On this page on the left you can find chords that Erwin Calvez has sent me. I don't know anything about chords, so it's no use asking me anything about them.



California (Hit parade 1, 1992)                                  D/Dsus4
by Erwin Calvez Let's go to California now
  We've got to cross this great big world
                     D somehow
e!!---!-*-!---!---!---!---!---! G
B!!---!---!-*-!---!---!---!---! Don't say "no"
G!!---!-*-!---!---!---!---!---! We must go
D!!---!---!---!---!---!---!---! You're scared you'll make some big
A!!---!---!---!---!---!---!---! mistake, but I forgive you
E!!---!---!---!---!---!---!---! This is a risk you have to take, and I'll
                     Dsus4 be with you
e!!---!---!-*-!---!---!---!---! G
B!!---!---!-*-!---!---!---!---! And I'll hold you
G!!---!-*-!---!---!---!---!---! I told you
A!!---!---!---!---!---!---!---! A/E (4 times)
                    G D/Dsus4
e!!---!---!-*-!---!---!---!---! Leave all your cares and fears behind
B!!---!---!---!---!---!---!---! There should be one thing on your mind
G!!---!---!---!---!---!---!---! G
D!!---!---!---!---!---!---!---! Don't say "no"
A!!---!-*-!---!---!---!---!---! We must go
E!!---!---!-*-!---!---!---!---! D
                    A Don't put any clothes back on
e!!---!---!---!---!---!---!---!         Bm            G
B!!---!-*-!---!---!---!---!---! That's just how
G!!---!-*-!---!---!---!---!---! D
D!!---!-*-!---!---!---!---!---! I'll remember this day when we've gone
A!!---!---!---!---!---!---!---!        Bm             G
E!!---!---!---!---!---!---!---! But right now...
e!!---!---!---!---!---!---!---! And so on...
B!!---!---!---!---!---!---!---! That's just the weirdest thing I've ever
G!!-*-!---!---!---!---!---!---! heard
D!!---!-*-!---!---!---!---!---! Oh but I'm ready, just say the word
A!!---!-*-!---!---!---!---!---! And I'll hold you
E!!---!---!---!---!---!---!---! I told you
                    Bm Anything you want to do
e!!---!-*-!---!---!---!---!---! I just know
B!!---!-*-!-*-!---!---!---!---! That I'll want to do it too
G!!---!-*-!---!-*-!---!---!---! But we must go
D!!---!-*-!---!-*-!---!---!---! Anything you want to do
A!!---!-*-!---!---!---!---!---! I just know
E!!---!-*-!---!---!---!---!---! That I'll want to do it too
  But we must go
©2005 Chester Severien (