The moment's gone (a tribute to The Wedding Present)

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The Wedding Present - Chords: Click Click

Chords from Erwin Calvez

On this page on the left you can find chords that Erwin Calvez has sent me. I don't know anything about chords, so it's no use asking me anything about them.



Click Click (WATUSI, 1994) And I follow this pattern:
by Erwin Calvez 1   2  3 1  2 4
For this song, I use these 4 chords.
    CHORD 1 (it’s a D) I really need to ask you whether
e!!---!-*-!---!---!---! You and I can sleep together
B!!---!---!-*-!---!---! I guess I never thought it mattered
G!!---!-*-!---!---!---! Now, suddenly, I'm feeling flattered
A!!---!---!---!---!---! Here's every last bit of me
E!!---!---!---!---!---! No inbetween
       CHORD 2 Just take whatever you see
e!!---!---!---!---!---! I need you to love me
B!!---!---!-*-!---!---! And no one could mean
G!!---!-*-!---!---!---! As much as you do to me
A!!---!---!---!---!---! Come to me
E!!---!---!---!---!---! I want to breathe the air that you breathe
       CHORD 3 Come to me
e!!---!---!---!---!---!---!-*-!---!---! I want to follow you when you leave
B!!---!---!---!---!---!---!---!-*-!---! Come to me
G!!---!---!---!---!---!---!-*-!---!---! I want to take you home and hide you
D!!---!---!---!---!---!---!---!---!---! Come to me
A!!---!---!---!---!---!---!---!---!---! I always want to be inside you
       CHORD 4 Every last bit of me
e!!---!---!---!---!---! No inbetween
B!!---!---!-*-!---!---! Just take whatever you see
G!!---!---!---!---!---! I need you to love me
D!!---!---!---!---!---! And no one could mean
A!!---!---!---!---!---! As much as you do to me
©2005 Chester Severien (