The moment's gone (a tribute to The Wedding Present)

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The Wedding Present - Chords: Crawl

Chords from Erwin Calvez

On this page on the left you can find chords that Erwin Calvez has sent me. I don't know anything about chords, so it's no use asking me anything about them.



Crawl (3 songs ep, 1990) Oh, you're wondering where you heard this
by Erwin Calvez before
  It wasn't really like that
My favourite song...
Here is this famous chord! This man is certain that this place is his
             d home
e!!---!---!---!---!---!---! It's time for him to crawl back under his
B!!---!---!-*!---!---!---! stone
G!!---!---!---!---!---!---! Oh remember when he said this before?
D!!---!---!---!-*-!---!---! But it wasn't really like that
A!!---!---!---!---!-*!---! D G D G
E!!---!---!---!---!-*-!---! d
               D I'm not even sure if we can still be just
e!!---!-*-!---!---!---!---! friends
B!!---!---!-*-!---!---!---! You stopped me once and you could do it
G!!---!-*-!---!---!---!---! again
D!!---!---!---!---!---!---! Okay, you're right, I haven't changed from
A!!---!---!---!---!---!---! before
E!!---!---!---!---!---!---! But it wasn't really like that
                  G D
e!!---!---!-*-!---!---!---! Just listen now instead of thinking over
B!!---!---!---!---!---!---! things I said
G!!---!---!---!---!---!---!        G
D!!---!---!---!---!---!---! Oh, years and years ago
A!!---!-*-!---!---!---!---! D
E!!---!---!-*-!---!---!---! I stole and of course I lied, yes to you
                   A                                         G
e!!---!---!---!---!---!---! But you must see why you couldn't just be
B!!---!-*-!---!---!---!---! told
G!!---!-*-!---!---!---!---! A                         D                     G
D!!---!-*-!---!---!---!---! There were some things I had to do
A!!---!---!---!---!---!---! A               D                           G
E!!---!---!---!---!---!---! Say that again and I'll kill you!
Everyone here could be a millionaire D G D G A D G A D G d
Just take these wings and fly up into the air
©2005 Chester Severien (